Weather in Korea : 天氣

By admin In Information 6월 12, 2012

Weather trend in Korea

Average temp. of Seoul, Korea is 10~16C,

The warmest month is August, which up to 23~27C

The spring, May marks 16~19C

The fall, Octobor marks 11~19C

The coldest month is January, which up to -6~7C average.

The coldest days of the year marks upto -15~20C in mid-winter.

The hottest days of the year marks unto 35~38C in mid-summer.

Korea has the distinctive weather during the year; therefore, it has various sightseeing to travel around every season.


Annual precipitation

Seoul, Mid-area records 1100~1400mm while Southern area marks 1000~1800mm of the year.

It’s relatively rainy in Jeju Island (1450~1850mm).

It’s snowing during in winter, so many travels from warm countries to sky and sightseeing.


Normally 2-3 big typhoon directly effects Korea during spring & summer.

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