Busan 54H Golf Package : 慶?道高爾夫 釜山機場

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54 hole ?Golf Package via Busan Inchon international Airport.
– Daegu, Gyoengju and Pohang cities

Busan is the 2nd largest city, and Korea’s most important trade (export) port city.
There are many grand volume industrial facilities; therefore, a lot of golf club are developed as business level.

Daegu: Daegu is known as Korea’s rich men’s origin. Golf clubs’ cost level remains high and good facility level.
Gyeongju: Gyeongju is the Korea’s best travel location. It is able to travel around attractions after the rounding.
Pohang: Pohang locates near East Sea, you can play golf with ocean view.

* Good facility Level (Next to the Gyeonggi/Inchon Golf ?C.C)
* Best for travelers landing Busan Airport..
* Warmer than other places (Rarely Snowing. Possible to play here in Nov. and Dec.)
* The price level is about US$1,100 per person ?(4night, 54 hole play)
* Takes about 60 min ?from the Busan International Airport.

FIT (4 persons of 1 Team) per person charge Weekday: $1,050 Weekend:$1,200
Group (16 persons) per person $750

– Including: Green fee, Cart, Locker room, Guide, 5 Star level hotel (2 persons for 1 room), Dinner, Afternoon Seoul tour
– Not including: Air tickets (Tax), Lunch(About $15 per meal in Golf club), Caddy Fee (about $25 per 18H)





FIT (4人一組 價格) 1人 平日30,000 NTD 元 週末 33,000 NTD
Group (16人?價格) 1人 平日20,000 NTD 元

– 五天四夜 三天打球 共54Hole 4人一組
– 費用包含:果嶺費、電車、設備、導遊、交通、飯店(2人一室)、早餐、?餐
– 費用不含:杆弟費(about $25 per 18 hole), 午餐(about 400NT per meal), 機票

推薦高爾夫球場 Suggested Golf Club:

  • Seorabyul, Bomun, Jase, Ocean Hills, Gyeongju Country C.C, Daegu Inter-Burgo etc

飯店 Hotel in the Package:


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